Mongodb object modeling for node.js

Mongoose provides schema-based solution to modeling application data and includes built-in type casting, validation, query building, business logic hooks and more.

Be sure you have MongoDB and Node.js installed.

$ npm install mongoose

// getting-started.js
var mongoose = require('mongoose');
// with Mongoose, everything is derived from a Schema
var kittySchema = mongoose.Schema({
    name: String
// adding methods to the schema
kittySchema.methods.speak = function () {
  var greeting =
    ? "Meow name is " +
    : "I don't have a name"
// compiling our schema into a Model
var Kitten = mongoose.model('Kitten', kittySchema);

var fluffy = new Kitten({ name: 'fluffy' });
fluffy.speak() // "Meow name is fluffy"
// each document can be saved to the database by calling its save method. (err, fluffy) {
  if (err) // TODO handle the error

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