Backup files to Dropbox (Dropbox Uploader)

 Using BASH script

Download the BASH script from

Run the script

$ /path/to/

It’ll print out the below:

This is the first time you run this script. 
Please open this URL from your Browser, and access using your account: 
If you haven't already done, click "Create an App" and fill in the form 
with the following data: 
App name: MyUploader888 
Description: What do you want... 
Access level: App folder or Full Dropbox 
Now, click on the "Create" button. 
When your new App is successfully created, please type the 
App Key, App Secret and the Access level: 
# App key:

Sign into Dropbox and create an app for uploader.

Follow the instruction in command line. Once you completed the procedure, you can upload/download individual files from the command line to and from Dropdox.

To upload files : -

./ upload /your/local/file/

For more commands visit :

For backup script visit :

PHP Dropbox Uploader

Download the PHP script from

Usage :

require 'DropboxUploader.php';

$uploader = new DropboxUploader('', 'password');

Use cron jobs to schedule automatic backup to DropBox

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